8th Grade Promotion Preferred Seating Volunteer Hours Guidelines

  1. Hours must be posted by paid PTSA members in good standing. Membership must be paid ​prior​ to being eligible to post hours.
  2. 50 hours per family = four (4) preferred seats. 100 hours per family = eight (8) preferred seats. No more than eight (8) preferred seats per family.
  3. A total of one (1) hour per family unit will be counted for any donations or borrowed items to a single event unless Mr. Mayernik makes an exception. ​No more than a total of ten (10) hours towards promotion​ seating can be accrued per family for donated or borrowed items throughout the year.
  4. One(1) hour per PTSA member will be given for active participation at a PTSA sponsored event, unless volunteering at event. If it is a “Dine Out” fundraiser, receipts might be required to verify attendance.
  5. Volunteers must sign in and sign out to events whenever possible.
  6. Any volunteer time in a classroom or event during school hours must be recorded in the Volunteer Log in the office. There must be a sign in ​AND​​ sign out time to get full credit for time. If time out is not indicated, 30 minutes will be counted.
  7. Hours must be submitted and confirmed by the PTSA Historian within 30 days of volunteer service. It is the responsibility of the family to confirm that hours have been posted correctly and in a timely manner.
  8. Hours are not transferable between families.

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